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Fitness Hiking Classes for Adventurers of All Abilities

“Hike with Mike” provides adults of all ages and abilities guided fitness hikes, fitness training, classes, and excursions throughout the lower New York State / Hudson Valley area. Exploring the great outdoors through rigorous fitness hiking synchronizes mind, body and spirit, fostering health, well-being, socialization, and independence.

Our training sessions combine stamina building and fitness training with the ultimate goal of hiking 4-8 mile trails with roughly 800-1000 feet of vertical at Harriman or Fahnestock State Parks. To accomplish this goal, we start with easier and shorter hikes and build throughout the program. We mix in fitness drills such as upper body (push ups, pull ups, light weights, etc.), lower body (squats, burpees, lunges, etc), core strengthening (sit-ups, planks, super-humans, etc.), and stretching (incorporating classic yoga poses) to prepare the entire body (not just the legs!) to take on our hiking challenges.

In Mike’s other life as a Blue & Gold Officer for the United States Naval Academy, he runs Midshipmen candidates through the Candidate Fitness Assessment. The program consists of six physical and motor fitness events that are designed to measure muscular strength and endurance, cardio-respiratory endurance, power, balance, and agility. We customize these drills to each participant’s abilities (don’t worry, it’s fun!!). We also run a VERY modified version of "The Murph” made famous by the LT Michael Murphy, US Navy SEAL Foundation.

We offer 1:1 and 1:2 personal classes and trainings. All of our classes are completely customized for each participant and open to all individuals regardless of abilities. Participants develop hiking skills and build strength and stamina in each session to achieve independence and the ability to participate in community hikes, adventures, and excursions with bigger groups.

  • 1 hour Session $145

  • 2 hour Session $250

  • 3 hour Session $350

Michael Sweeney - Father to Dustin

Michael Sweeney has been an athlete and fitness advocate for his entire life. Mike hikes most weekends, and has summited multiple mountains, most recently 3 of the Saranac Lake 6-ers (Baker, St. Regis, and Scarface) in the Adirondack Mountains…with 3 more to go. In an earlier life, Mike played basketball for Boston College as a walk-on, was a Triathlete competing in many Sprint and Olympic distant competition in the Northeast, and completed Outward Bound - Hurricane Island Maine Expedition School with a Cornell University Outdoor Education team.

As a Coach, Mike is a Hiking Leader at Endeavor 21+ in Rockland County, NY. Mike volunteers as a Blue & Gold Officer for the United States Naval Academy, and he runs Midshipmen candidates through the Academy’s Candidate Fitness Assessment. Mike spent many years coaching his older son Dylan. in US Junior Squash. Dylan was a Varsity Athlete at the Naval Academy where he played on the Squash team for four years. Today, Dylan is a Naval Flight Officer flying P-8s out of Naval Air Station Jacksonville, Iceland, and Japan.

As parents of Dustin Sweeney, our son with Autism, Mike and Katie Sweeney are building a community with the spirit of #AeternusUmbra, which translates to a lasting and purposeful life for Dustin and friends. The Sweeney’s are very active in a number of Autism causes and charities including CO/LAB Theater Group, Invictus Enterprises, SNACK, and Surfers Healing.


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Bridge Building & Special Ops for the Autism Community in New York State. Pro-Vaccine Safety.


Bridge Building, Hiking, & Special Ops for the Vaccine Injured, Autism, and Developmentally Disabled communities in New York State. #AeternusUmbra #FlyNavy #Kennedy24